Welcome to Radical Feminist Memes!

This site is a collection in progress of radical feminist-themed memes, mostly created as a response to current events and specific happenings that are relevant to women and feminists.

Please use these memes however you wish.

For example, if you find you must engage in liberal feminist, trans* or another hostile discourse, in the interest of saving precious time, we encourage you to post, cross-post, re-blog, or drop these memes into the comments of your favorite blogs as a quick response to the most common asshattery.

To save these memes for your own use, click on the post and then right-click on the image to copy the image, copy the image location, or save it to your computer.

If you see a meme here that isn’t quite right for your purposes, click on the post and then left-click on the image and it will take you to the meme generator where you can insert your own caption and save the new image as your own work.

You can also make your own original memes — whether altering existing memes, or making your own from scratch, it’s free and anonymous!  Here is a link to Quick Meme, and here is a link to Meme Generator.