herstorical note

Many of these memes were originally created as a political response to current events, including controversies on social media sites such as Tumblr.  Many of these memes were used immediately and served a specific purpose, and were reblogged and cited at the time of the controversy or conversation.  When appropriate, the relevant background information — such as conversations from Tumblr and elsewhere — was provided via links in these posts.

However, over time, much of this background information has been erased, such as when individual Tumblr accounts have been deleted or suspended either by users or by Tumblr itself.  Therefore, many of these posts now contain dead links, and some of these memes now appear out of context.  In other words, while many of these memes are for general use and make sense even without the backstory, for others, you kind of had to be there.

Please note that the general context, like all radical feminist work, has been anti-pornstitution; PIV- and trans-critical; female-centric; and truthful about women’s lives and about what men do to us, including documenting threats made (almost always by men, including “MTF” transwomen) against women and feminists for daring to do radical feminist work.

If you wish to investigate the backstory on these memes, Google the tags or general themes such as “Dyke March 2012” or browse the archives of the radical feminist blogs which were around at the time.  Links to radical feminist resources including libraries, blogs and blog aggregators are available below.

Thanks for reading Radical Feminist Memes.